Sliding Door Advantages and Disadvantages


In recent years, the demand for sliding doors has increased to a great extent. Their design and ease of use makes sliding doors a popular choice amongst those seeking to renovate their homes. Sliding glass doors add a stylish element to the interiors. Before installing them, you should know all the pros and cons. 

sliding door advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Sliding Doors

Attractive Design

Sliding doors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house comprehensively. They add a sleek look which easily blends with most types of furnishing and interior designs. Glass sliding doors act as bridges connecting the outer greenery and landscapes with the interiors giving an illusion of extended space. Not only do they make a stunning style statement, but also add an element of serenity to your home. Glass sliding door allows natural sunlight into the house, keeping it well lit and lets you enjoy the splendid scenario of your garden or lawn from inside.


These doors are built to glide smoothly on the rails. With a gentle push, the door slides open, making it easier for the elderly and the kids to access. Glass sliding doors that open into the backyards help elders to keep an eye on their children’s’ activities from inside.

Space Saving 

Unlike traditional doors, sliding doors don’t require hinges to swing open; one of the sides is opened by sliding it onto the other, saving space. Sliding doors are especially being installed for wardrobes in modern homes, instead of hinged doors which would otherwise block space by opening outwards. They are highly recommended for small rooms that look crammed by the movement of regular doors and for kitchen cupboards for the added storage space.

Energy Efficient

Sliding doors are effective insulators which help in keeping the house free of noise, dirt, rain and other elements that result from weather changes. Energy efficiency also helps retain warmth in the house during winters and coolness during summers. Wooden sliding doors provide durability.

Disadvantages of Sliding doors


In order for the sliding door to move smoothly on its track for opening and closing, it should be free of dirt and other substances. Regular cleaning of the frame is necessary to ensure no rust or dirt particles end up jamming the door. Glass sliding doors need regular cleaning to ensure there are no scratches and dirt marks which would impact their appearance.


With regular doors, you can choose the lock and other security features of your choice; but with sliding doors, you don’t have that many options. Even with improved designs, glass sliding doors for main entrances are not effective against intruders. In places where there are extreme weather conditions, glass sliding doors are not an ideal choice.


Compared to hinged doors, the cost and installation of sliding doors is higher. It may go up further if you opt for a material of higher quality. Poor quality material may lead to damage and replacement. In case of glass material, you need to replace it immediately if there are any slight cracks.


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