Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas 2013 – 2014

The season of festivals and celebration is round the corner. Make this Christmas time a perfect time for your guests. Revamp your living room with modern Christmas living room design ideas 2013.

True, Christmas decoration is incomplete without a Christmas tree, it is an indispensable part of the season special décor, but there are lots more things you can to add freshness and vibrancy in your living room.

Start with the Christmas Tree

The glamour of the festival season decoration belongs to a Christmas tree. You can brighten up the corner of the room by choosing bright color disco balls or go for soothing blue color theme. For a bright touch choose colorful balls and or stick to a single color for decorating the tree. Bronze, silver and black are the perfect shade of this season.

Start with the Christmas Tree

Add a Splash of Color

Don’t the chilling winters steal the warmth of love and hospitality from your room décor. Splash some color in your living room by adding few colorful items. Decorate mirror, coffee table and mantel with small yet vibrant items to bring liveliness in a room without loading the room with unwanted items.

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Add Sparkle in the Room

The room décor should represent the touch of festivity. Choose items with silver and gold tinges to add the touch of festivity. The glittering glow of silver disco balls along with golden color beads will definitely make the room décor classy yet trendy.

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Classic with Contemporary

Even if your team is trendy, adding some vintage decoration item will not harm it. It will add richness and uniqueness in the room. For trendy touch uses few colors, instead of choosing vibrant and wide range of gift wraps, select a couple of shades for gift wrap for sober touch.

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Christmas Special Decoration

Adding paper Christmas décor items will bring exclusive Christmas feel in your living room décor. Choose a contrasting color scheme for a perfect festival décor.

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Festival Special Decoration

Spread a little cheer in your living room. Replace your regular wall piece with Christmas special wall décor items for a perfect festival feel.

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Small Space Decoration

Decorate the corner of the room with Christmas greeting cards, posters and disco balls. Do not restrict the feel of the Christmas around Christmas tree alone; spread it all over the room with exclusive Christmas décor items.

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Color Selection

The color selection is going to play a crucial part of your room décor. Color combination green and golden are in this season. Try to bring these two vibrant colors in a contrasting mode. Settle the glittering shine of golden with soothing green color. There are few colors that bring the feel of festivity, a combination of white and gold, red and golden and golden and green are few of them. Pick your festival season color theme and decorate the living room accordingly.

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

To balance the brightness of festivals special décor of the living room, choose neutral color furnishing items. It will give a stately look to the room without compromising on its special decoration.

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

For more modern Christmas living room decoration ideas 2013, browse the internet, interior decoration magazines and local stores and pick items of your choice and taste.


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