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Best bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms

by Amelia

When you decide to renovate your bathroom, tiles are one of the most important parts of its design and look. Here are the best bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms that will help you make the right choice with ease:

  1. Getting the size of the tiles right for a small bathroom can be tricky. Medium to large tiles are the best as they create a sense of calm by expanding into the space, without too many lines. The ones to avoid are small tiles as they tend to make the small bathroom busy, while the gigantic ones could lead to a lot of wastage from cutting of the tiles.
  2. Designing the layout of tiles is another game changer for small bathrooms. Go for checkered layout with a combination of contrasting colors like black and white; yellow and grey are some classic combos. Metro tiles with matching mosaic tiles at the top border make for great looking trendy bathrooms. The rest of the walls can be in the lightest colors like white or off-white.
  3. The thumb rule when choosing color of tiles small bathrooms is to go for light hues. Pastels and neutrals are the color options if you want something other than the whites. Having said that, there are instances where dark colors like black and brown have been used in small bathrooms and they look great. The trick is to go for glossy finish and ensure that it is brightly lit.
  4. Styling a bathroom with tiles is possible with patterned tiles, but trend cautiously as patterns can make the small bathroom look busy and cluttered. Patterned floor tiles are safer and lend a fancy look to the bathroom. Stained tiles are a great combination with patterned floor.
  5. Reflective surfaces such as mirror and metallic tiles are a great way to create illusion of space. Glossy, light colored finishes allow light to distribute evenly and give a spacious look to your small bathroom. Pairing them with glossy accessories also helps.
  6. Small spaces tend to become claustrophobic when you try more than two tile combinations. The best solution is to cover the walls with the same tile up to the ceiling. Finally, keep a tile calculator handy on your phone.

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