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A living room is where we like to relax. It is a shared space that usually bonds the family together. We give you tips on decorating your living room with the right kind of items – throws, curtains, wall décor and much more. Our ideas help you choose the right combination that aligns with your taste.

living room window ideas

Best Ideas to Design Living Room Windows

Windows in the living room area serve multiple purposes. They light up the indoors, bring in fresh breeze of air, add warmth, act as focal point, bring out the beauty of your carefully selected...
curtains for living room

Top Tips on How to Pick Curtains for Living Room

Decorating your living room is not a quick chore, nor is picking the right curtains for it. When choosing curtains for your living room, coordinating function and style takes scrutiny. Here are 4 tips that will guide you on how to pick curtains for living room:
how to choose the right wallpaper for your living room

Expert Tips on How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for your Living Room

Wallpapers are increasingly becoming the choice of material for wall decor. If you are one among this creed, and looking for some expert advice, then you have reached the right place. Here are some...
Living Room Waterfall Furniture

Living Room Waterfall Furniture to Enhance Your Living Room Feel

Living room waterfall furniture is in demand today as most of the home owners are craving for them to as they are a style of the modern era and an ideal way to impress...
Most Exquisite Redesign Ideas for Living Rooms

Some of the Most Exquisite Redesign Ideas for Living Rooms

Living room is the place where you spend a major part of your time. Before going to office and after coming from there and watching the television and at dinner with friends, this is...
Modern Christmas Living Room Design IdeasModern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Modern Christmas Living Room Design Ideas 2013 – 2014

The season of festivals and celebration is round the corner. Make this Christmas time a perfect time for your guests. Revamp your living room with modern Christmas living room design ideas 2013. True, Christmas decoration...
Modern Sofa Tables Furniture

Are You Ready to Bring in the Modern Sofa Tables Furniture?

Modern sofa tables furniture has been one of the most important complementary things for a beautiful appeal of the complete seating arrangement. Today, there have been a whole lot of designs that are used...
Living Room Designs for Your Home

Are You Looking for Funky Living Room Designs for Your Home?

Just as funky you are in your life, so can be the place where you spend most of your time. Yes, you can have some of the most funky living room designs to give...
Modern Style Sofa Designs for Living Rooms

Are You Aware of the Modern Style Sofa Designs for Living Rooms?

Living room is one of the areas where you spend a lot of time with friends and family and it is essential that you maintain the place effectively so as to get a lot...
Romantic Living Room Decorating Ideas

7 Most Romantic Living Room Decorating Ideas to Beautify Your Evenings

The living rooms are the places where we spend a lot of our leisure time. They have to be welcoming and should also be a bit romantic at the same time as it serves...

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