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Innovative Laundry Room Remodelling Ideas

by Amelia

When renovating your home, laundry room is the last place that comes to your mind. Just the word laundry is synonymous with chore to many and it may not spark as much joy as decorating other rooms. However, you can give a fresh new look to your laundry room for a better experience.

laundry room remodel ideas

Whether your laundry area is big or small, the most important requirement is organisation and handy utilisation. Also, when the room looks immaculate and functional, you will surely find yourself in good spirit to float through the work load. With these smart remodelling ideas, you will definitely be inspired to spruce up your laundry space.

Wall Mounts

If the laundry area is small, make use of the wall space by fixing tension rods or racks for hanging damp clothes or to hold your clothes there before sorting them out. A pegboard is another convenient way of organising the cleaning supplies for easy access.


Adding floating shelves helps to keep all the utilities organised. You can easily install a plywood countertop over your front-load washing machine. This space lets you to fold clothes then and there and even get some ironing done.

Laundry in Closet

If you choose to keep your laundry space out of sight, a simple closet works best. Adding additional floating shelves and door hangers lets you keep all the utilities organised. You can deck it up by adding a sprightly wallpaper in bright colours.

Storage Baskets

Having baskets in your laundry room helps keep all your laundry utilities such as clothes, cleaning equipment, towels and other items well organised. Labelling baskets prevents mixup and enables you to sort through easily. As an interesting personal touch, you can cover baskets in beautiful decorating paper or fabric. Some baskets that are wired or made of bamboo look pretty good as they are. Consider getting baskets with trolleys for convenience in moving loads of laundry around, especially if you have a big family. You can then assign a basket each to all the members.


When you decorate your laundry space in a spectacular way, you may leave it exposed and let your visitors be impressed with your personal taste. Choose bold colours to create a rich look and extend the same onto the hooks or pegboards on the wall to blend in. Storing supplies in pretty glass canisters creates an attractivevisual appeal. In case you use your laundry area for multiple purposes; you can use fancy curtains to cover it up.

Storage Ideas

Let space never be a restriction and hamper your work flow in the laundry room. You have multiple options such as hanging baskets, vertically stacked shelves, pullout drying racks, foldable ironing boards and other space saving utilities. You can also customise your laundry space with many simple DIY organisers.

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