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Wonderful DIY Space Saving Furniture Ideas

by Amelia

It is common for everyone to think out of box when it comes to space saving furniture. Some homes may not fit well for standard furniture sets, so the modern designers have invented some innovative and interesting designs for space saving furniture.

Even if you have a small home; you may have a truck full of amenities and commodities. In small houses, we don’t find enough space to place all the things neatly. During such cases, it is necessary to look for DIY space saving furniture.

Here are few DIY space saving furniture ideas:

Folding beds: Usually beds take larger space in the house. When we remove the bed from the room, it looks very spacious but it is impossible for anyone. So instead of buying standard beds, it is best to choose folding beds, which will be a welcoming treat for your small house. Simply spread the folding bed whenever you want to take the nap and fold it when your little kid wants to play.

Folding beds

Storage shelves: One of the messiest things in our house is unorganized bookshelves. Your home will look very messy when you don’t arrange the books properly. Here is the DIY space saving furniture for your book storage:

It is a tree-shaped bookcase that can accommodate many books systematically without any hassle. Unlike the traditional bookshelves, you are not going to miss any book from this case. Search online for tree-shaped bookcases. You will find lot of colors and designs from which you can choose the one that will match with the rest of the home decorations.

Storage shelves

Kid’s beds: Kids always want to have separate bedroom for them. So it will be difficult to organize a separate bedroom in a small house. In such cases, you can consider DIY space saving furniture such as kids loft bed or bunk bed, which comes with all the features that you wanted to have with your kid. Your kid can climb on it and he or she can even play on it. These beds can be placed at any corner of the room and you can freely use the space underneath the loft bed. Either you can use it to place the kids study desk or you can place the storage shelves for books or any other display items.

Kid’s beds

This loft bed comes with one bed and at the bottom there is built-in furniture. It has built-in drawers and shelves. These beds are available in several styles and come with space saving feature.

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