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5 Easy Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Solar PV System

by Amelia

Installing a solar power system is easy. Getting the most out of it isn’t. We often overlook many things that hinder the performance of the solar panels that we end up using more energy that the panels generate. Other factors also have their role of course, like the much neglected feed in tariffs and the pricing options during peak and off-peak hours. Once you get your solar PV system installed, make sure that it you get the most out of it. Here are 5 simple tips to help you get the best from your solar PV system.

Solar PV System

Solar PV System

Solar PV System

Choose the Right Size

A correct sized solar PV system ensures that you’ll meet all your energy demands and may even save some of it. While you can sell back the electricity that you save for the energy providers, it isn’t actually a great cost return as you’ll be selling back the saved electricity at a cheap rate. However, at the end, you’ll have a credit that can be used while you power again at night.

Understand Your Power Bill

Know the type of agreement that you have with your energy provider. Also keep an eye on how much energy are you using and where is it all being used. Understanding the tariffs and managing the energy usage wisely will surely reduce the payback time for the solar panels.

Time the Use of Electrical Appliances

Appliances that draw more energy should be used when your solar system generates more energy. Solar panels generate power using the light photons and more electricity is generated during the peak time – 10 am to 2 pm. Use dishwashers, pool heaters, washing machines and dryers during this peak hours and you are on your way to saving both power and bucks.

Install a Back-Up Battery Bank

Having a battery bank installed is very useful especially if your solar power system isn’t connected to the grid. Any excess energy from the batteries can be sold back to the energy providers which is again a bonus to your bills. Installing a back-up also ensures that you do not have to worry about your energy needs even if there is a blackout.

Keep the Solar Panels Clean

Your solar panels need to be clean and clear to get as much light as possible to convert it into electricity. For this, you may need to clean your panels every six months as dust and dirt on the panels can reflect or filter the light reducing the efficiency of the panels. Cleaning the solar panels regularly also prevents any debris or mould accumulating on them which again affects the way they work.

It’s a good idea to check that the panels are not blocked by branches or any other shade as it may have effect on their performance. Cutting away any branches near the solar panels also ensures that the panels aren’t masked or damaged at a later stage by the falling twigs and branches.
While these tips are very general, it is best to consult a power saving center with your power bill to get the best and personalized options for all your energy needs.

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