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10 Air Purifying Indoor Plants That You Can Easily Maintain

by Amelia

Were you looking to reduce toxins in your home and increase the aesthetics of your home? Then indoor plants it is. The germs and poisons that aren’t visible are typically the most dangerous, but thankfully, these air cleansing plants can help you remove toxins and improve air quality. Along with it, beautify the house.

Can Indoor Plants Purify Air?

After NASA published a series of studies in the late 1980s claiming that indoor plants might filter the air, people began to decorate their windowsills with greenery in growing numbers.

Regrettably, there appears to have been some wishful thinking at the time. According to new research, 680 plants would be required in a 1,500-square-foot home to combat pollutants effectively.

Indoor plants provide other air-purifying and health benefits for which you don’t need to construct a jungle. If a bit of green can make the difference in the air, we breathe. Why not add a few low-maintenance plants to your home?

Why does indoor air quality matter?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend 90% of our time indoors, whether sleeping, binge-watching Netflix, or working in an office. And the time we spend indoors exposes us to pollutants.

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can enhance air quality without having to cover your house or office with unreasonably large volumes of greenery.

Magic That Air Purifying Indoor Plants Can Do

  • Minimize eye, ear, nose, and throat irritation
  • Prevent coughing and congestion.
  • Lower your stress
  • Boost your attention capacity

Air purifying indoor plants that purify the air reduce CO2 levels and enhance relative humidity. In other words, they aid in removing stale air and act as a natural humidifier, preventing or alleviating irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and even lungs.

Foliage not only improves air quality but also makes people feel better. Interacting with your indoor plants, for example, can help you relax. a reliable source

That isn’t to say you can’t talk to your aloe vera if you want to. We’d never pass judgment. It’s as simple as repotting, trimming, or watering your air-purifying indoor plants.

10 Air Purifying Indoor Plants That You Can Easily Maintain

Devil’s Ivy

Devils ivy Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Devil’s ivy, often known as pothos or golden pothos, is a low-maintenance indoor houseplant protected against common household contaminants. It grows nicely in the water, pots, and hanging baskets and offers instant color to any area with flowing tendrils. It’s also been said that keeping the heartleaf philodendron alive is more complex than killing it!

Dwarf Date Palm

Dwarf Date Palm Air Purifying Indoor Plant

The palm family’s babies are dwarf or Pygmy palms. They grow up to six to ten feet tall in partial shade, with fronds that can also reach six feet!

Peace Lily

Peace Lily Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Peace lilies, also known as spathiphyllum, are simple and low-maintenance plants. Their glossy green leaves lend a touch of class to any environment, especially those with little light. Water them once a week and fertilize them with a slow-release fertilizer in the spring to encourage development and those beautiful white blossoms.


Philodendron Air Purifying Indoor Plant

The philodendron, with its heart-shaped leaves, is a lush indoor plant. Philodendrons are pretty simple to care for, requiring only moderate water and bright, indirect sunlight.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Spider plants are an excellent alternative for beginners and people who have had a terrible experience with plants in the past. They thrive in indirect sunlight and can survive in almost any environment (temperatures as low as 2 degrees have been recorded). Spider plants also produce spiderettes, which are young spider plants.


Chrysanthemum Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Chrysanthemums, also known as disbuds or mums, are not only a beautiful addition to a flower arrangement, but they also look fantastic in your house and are one of the most effective air purifiers available. They are more challenging air filters to grow, but gorgeous colorful blossoms are rewarded. They benefit from plenty of air circulation, indirect solid sunlight, and only watering with warm water, plenty of time between sips to dry completely.

Rubber Plants

Rubber Plants Air Purifying Indoor Plant

These burgundy evergreen trees are resilient plants that like bright, filtered light and weekly maintenance in the summer and biweekly irrigation in the winter. Rubber plants can be grown in a small pot or planted directly in the ground to grow into a giant interior tree.

Boston Fern

Boston Fern Air Purifying Indoor Plant

The sword-shaped fronds of this easy-to-grow fern make it ideal for a hanging basket or pedestal. The Boston Fern prefers humid conditions and needs constant moisture. Regular watering, wet soil, and indirect sunlight near windows, balconies, and patios will keep them happy. Cut the fronds down by about 2 inches in the winter to let them regenerate and grow in the summer.

Areca Palms

Areca Palm Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Areca palms work well in more extensive settings. They are pretty effective at removing pollutants, and they are non-toxic to both dogs and cats. Give them plenty of water (a couple of times a week), but not as much in the winter.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Snake plants, also known as Mother-in-Tongue, Law’s are succulent plants that can reach a height of two meters. It is a low-maintenance, resilient plant that thrives on neglect. Please place them in a location where they can tolerate bright, direct light for a couple of hours each day. It’s important not to overwater them because they want to be dry.

These plants are pretty common nowadays. Suppose these plants don’t come in beautiful pots. You can report them according to your preferred aesthetics. So, what’s stopping you? Go green, breathe fresh air, and click Instagram-worthy pictures!

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