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Top 10 Tips for Beginning Gardeners

by Amelia

Trying your hand at gardening for the first time? Worry not! You have reached the right place for top 10 tips for beginning gardeners.

10 Tips for Beginning Gardeners

1. Location

Start your gardening project at a good location. Choose a part of your backyard that is easily accessible and you love visiting. It should also be close to water and other resources.  

2. Sunlight

Your garden should be a spot where ample sunlight is available to the plants. Most plants need 6 hours of sunshine to thrive and produce. 

3. Soil

Soil is the main nutrient for plants and it is advisable to invest in one that is treated and well-drained. Consult your specialist at the nursery and procure the best one available.

4. Plants

Choosing the right plants is a challenge for all beginners. The thumb rule is to go with the sturdy local varieties and avoid exotic ones. Also, growing from sturdy young plants is always recommended over planting seeds.

5. Container

Potting and planting in the ground are two ways to grow plants. Potting is easier for beginners as you can pick up the plant for change in location or nurturing it.

6. Water

Once you have chosen the spot, the plant and the soil, the plant is ready to grow. Watering your plants regularly is very important and cannot be emphasized enough. If you have too many plants, then use a hose, else a watering can will do.

7. Mulch

Mulch protects your plants by reducing weeds and moisture loss as well.  you can make your own mulch or buy it off the rack.

8. Compost

Composting is easy and a good fertilizer for your plants. Use household and gardening waste to create compost.

9. Supplements

All purpose plant nutrients can be mixed with the soil during the planting phase. After a month or so, spray supplements for healthier growth.

10. Tools

For beginners, basic gardening tools such as a shovel, weeder, trowel and clipping scissors will suffice.

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