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Top 4 Home Office Ceiling Lighting Ideas

by Amelia

Work from home has become a common feature of our corporate culture. Setting up a home office is the first step for those virtual employees, and lighting is the most important aspect of a home office. Here are the top 4 home office ceiling lighting ideas that will glam up your workspace:

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a great way to light up your workspace. Pendant lights are fixtures suspended from the ceiling using a chain, cord or rod. You have a wide range of design choices with pendant lights. Choose a single big-sized central pendant light or go for a couple of triple smaller ones. They are available in metal, fiberglass, paper and fabric finishes. The beauty of pendant lights is that they focus on your work area and give you the feeling of concentration, preventing distraction to other parts of the room.

Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mounts are light fixtures that are mounted on the ceiling and extend just below it. They are never suspended and do not hang down. Semi-flushed varieties are those that are attached to the ceiling, but with a slight gap in between. Flush mounts are do not take up much space and are chosen to create ambient lighting in offices with low ceilings.

Track Mounted

Track mounts are surface mounted series of lights that are drawn on a track of wire, hence the name. They are very useful in task lighting for offices that need ample lighting over a large workspace. Track mounts provide a combination of general a focussed lighting in one installation.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are usually preferred to illuminate workspaces that have a false ceiling, as they fit into the ceiling and have insets to fit bulbs in them. Usually suited for soft LED lighting, they can be used in workspaces where uniform illumination across the floor is required. They are available in a variety of designs, from round metallic to embellished fancy ones. Recessed lighting can be used to double up as a home office solution and a décor lighting for your home as well.

home office ceiling lighting ideas

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