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Small Gaming Room Ideas

by Amelia

Games are a great way of unwinding and bonding with family and friends. In today’s stress filled life, a game room turns out to be an easy escapade, where you can chill over a quiet board game or let off some steam with a game of snooker or catch your favourite movie or series. A gaming room is especially useful to place all your children’s games, gadgets, CDs, musical instruments and other related stuff.

Having an entire room dedicated to gaming, may not be a practical option to many, because of space restriction or cost issue to model a new one from scratch. But you can setup a small game room anywhere in your house easily. Just get creative with these simple ideas and you can have a fun game room.

Small Gaming Room Ideas

Under the Stairs

Make use of the space below the stairs and turn it into a gaming hub. Take away focus from the angled ceiling, by setting up a comfy chair facing the game station and a small sofa along one of the sides of the wall in matching colors. The same way you can utilise a dormer room too. Make sure to use lighter colors on the walls,so that the entertainment centre becomes the main focal point and you have a tiny game room.


If you wish to keep all the noise down, then basement is the best gaming zone option. Your kids can have their friends over and play games with volume up without bothering you. If your basement is already filled, you can use a small part of the basement and segregate it as the game area. Ensure that there is proper lighting and ventilation as gamers tend to spend a little too much time in their gaming activities.


If there are no spare rooms, simply create a game room section in any one of the spacious rooms, by using a partition. If you choose to set it up in your bedroom, use a curtain or a large bench or table to separate the game zone. You can do the same in the study room, home office or library. Make use of wall mounts and align the cables neatly to keep the space clutter free. Using neutral colors helps to keep it minimalistic.

Outdoor Spot

No space in the house for a recreational room? You can choose to set up an outdoor activity centre on your patio corner or a small area in your garage. An unused storage room or a corner spot on your deck can also be turned into a cool gaming room which your kids will surely love, as it gives them some form of seclusion. Gaming gadgets or musical instruments when mounted on walls act as décor as well.

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