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5 Amazing small kitchen remodel ideas

by Amelia

Designing a small kitchen can be a very challenging for any expert. It is hard to combine storage, counter space and style into one small kitchen. Here are 5 amazing small kitchen remodel ideas for you to try out:


The primary function of any kitchen is preparing meals. So, when designing a small kitchen the focus is on prioritizing the various functions of a kitchen and including only those that are a must-have. Downsizing and scaling down are important to implement when remodeling a small kitchen. Go for smaller versions of kitchen appliances. Choosing portable and mini islands are other options.


Small spaces can feel claustrophobic, so if your kitchen is too small for your liking then you may opt to remove the walls and merge it with the dining space or the living room. Instead of towering cabinets, it may be worth considering open shelves, counter-top organizers, hanging pots and pans, and magnetic knife holders.

Unified look

Small spaces with mixed styles and contrasts can make it look too busy. So, it is good to go with a uniform look with similar color schemes. Also, go for light colors and reflective surfaces including color of the appliances. Ensure that the color of the cabinets and the handles are same style and color, as this keeps it unified.


Use of glass in your small kitchen is a good strategy to create a feeling of expanse to it. Glass counter-tops, cabinet doors and also the kitchen door can create the illusion of space. Mirrors in areas such as the backsplash also create a similar look.


Intelligent use of lighting in your designing a small kitchen can go a long way in making it look bigger. Combination lighting helps – use incandescent or yellow light to illuminate the counter tops from the base of the cabinets above them. Combine this with focus lighting by using fluorescent lights to cast a bluish impact on the cabinets. This combination plays out the drama of light and dark contrasts giving the area the feeling of expanse.

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