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5 Best color combination for kitchen

by Amelia

The kitchen is a special space that makes a house your home. It is that place from where flavors and aromas emerge. We may not realize, but the kitchen is a place where all your close ones gather, and many memories are built here. Colors and textures play a vital role in designing and decorating a kitchen to give that special feel. Here are some ideas on the best color combination for kitchen that’s in vogue this season:

White and Ivory

White and ivory are the most common colors and a safe choice for your kitchen. You can pair them with furniture and accessories of any color without any second thoughts. But if you want to add darker shades, then pick from yellows, reds and gray. They go well with brown, black and white accessories and laminates. These colors are known as wake-up colors as they add drama and excitement to the space.

Shades of blue

Blue is not exactly a dull color, especially when you have so many shades to pick from. An all blue kitchen with carefully placed shades for ceiling, walls and the cabinets will make for a classy sky-themed kitchen. The trick is to place the dark hues closer to the floor and gradually lighten the shade as you reach the ceiling.

Green and Red

Muted tones of sage green and bran red sound perfect to highlight cabinets in a country kitchen. Pair them up with light wood finishes on the floor and ceiling to offset the dark hues.

Gray combos

Gray is a neutral hue no doubt, but there are exciting new combos to try with it – orange and turquoise are just some of them. If your kitchen is predominantly colored in a pale gray, then painting the island turquoise will make it interesting without being too loud.  Similarly, cool shades of gray can be offset with a fiery orange island. Matching accessories will add more fun to the whole setting.

Blacks and Neutrals

Blacks, browns and beige work very well on most neutral hued walls and floors. Do not be afraid to experiment with reds and yellows. They look fabulous too!

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