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5 Best Kitchen Bar Stool Ideas

by Amelia

Kitchen counters are the new entertainment centers of modern homes. Bar stools have entered the kitchen to give rise to the kitchen bar stools. Here are 5 best kitchen bar stool ideas to dress up your kitchen counter and give it an uber cool feel:


Modern kitchen bar stools come in combinations of metal and leather. Choose steel and dull finish metals for small spaces and light-colored leather seats to go with them. They can be made comfy with molded seating including back rest and arm rest as well. For more functionality, we suggest adding height adjustable features to the stools.


If your kitchen is predominantly wooden, then choose kitchen bar stools that have a wooden element in them. For wooden flooring, choose stools made of light wood with non-abrasive leg bases and, for carpeted and tile-based flooring go with classic wooden stools or metal ones with wooden accents.


Wooden stools can be designed to have upholstered seats. Fabric and leather are the choice of material for upholstery. The designs can range from simple to classic and Victorian, based on the overall d├ęcor of your house and kitchen.


Contemporary designs are usually based on crisp lines and minimalism. So, if you are looking for a minimalist look and prefer a sturdy piece that gels with your interiors without being bulky, then go for acrylic stools. These are light-weight, sturdy, and come in a variety of colors too.


For those of you who follow the eclectic method, you can select the best of various ideas to create a unique style of your own. You can have combinations of wood, metal anand fabric designed in modern, classic or retro styles to get the unique look.

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