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Effective Ways of Cleaning your Kitchen

by Amelia

Kitchen cleaning is of utmost importance, but why does it feel so distressing all the time? Maybe because of the fact, that it needs to be done all the time, everyday for eternity? Yes, it can be overwhelming or just plain boring, having to do the same job over and over again. But, you can find ways to simplify the process and manage your time better.

how to clean your kitchen
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Getting started

Before you can begin, it is better to get your kitchen organized. Having a designated spot for every single item from bowls to cookie cutters, can prove to be very helpful. You can use baskets or bins to separate things and to club related items together. Having wall hangers or stands to place kitchen supplies can save space and cleaning the countertops more easy. It is better idea to first put away every little item in place, before you get to the cleaning part.

Removing bits and scrapes

This is where the cleaning begins. Remove all the bits and scrapes off the plates and bowls and transfer into garbage disposal, if you have one. Otherwise, transfer them into a bowl or any container lined with a small trash bag. Place this bowl close to your sink and once you are done with the scrapes, you can remove and put this small bag in the trash can. Also, transfer any leftovers into smaller dishes from pots and pans.

Keeping supplies handy

Gather necessary cleaning supplies and place them in an accessible manner. This makes cleaning on the go easy, when scrubbers, dish soap, washcloth, sponges and other utilities are readily available.

Tackling dishes

This is likely the most time consuming and tiring process in the entire kitchen cleaning. Dishes seem to pile up the sink all the time, no matter how many times you wash. Doing the dishes with family helps a lot. You can split the work, to get it done quicker. A dishwasher comes in very handy, saving time and effort. All you need to do is load up the dishes. You may want to soak them first in hot or soapy water for tough stains. Soaking the dishes helps in removing grease and grime easily; specifically, when you are washing manually. Clean and wipe your sink with at the end.  

Cleaning the room

With most of the clutter out of the way, you can clear the countertops and sweep the room clean or use a vacuum cleaner. Spray and wipe clean your kitchen stove and other appliances. If the dishes are done in the dishwasher, you can unload and put them away in place.

Here, you are done for the day or for the time being at least. If you don’t find time to tackle each and every corner or miss few things like cupboards, you may do a deep, thorough cleaning once a week. Also, you can take away empty boxes, cartons and refill cooking supplies.

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