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6 Trendy Open kitchen shelves decorating ideas

by Amelia

Open kitchen shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are the most sought after and trendy open kitchen shelves decorating ideas:

1. Replace Cabinets

Replace Cabinets

While floor cabinets are a must for every kitchen, overhead cabinets are not that essential. Apart from occupying space, they also look bulky. If you want a budget-friendly kitchen update, then switch to open shelves. Choose from a range of wooden, metal and combination material for open shelves.

2. Hanging Storage

Hanging Storage

To compensate for cabinet space, use the lower ends of shelves and incorporate hanging storage facility. Hooks, hangers and rods serve the purpose.

3. Attic


Open shelves can also create attics when placed close to the ceiling. They can be used to store large utensils, books and curios that are not in regular use.

4. Open Pantry

Open Pantry

Wooden and steel planks can be used to create an open pantry to house all your kitchen needs. Labeled glass and acrylic jars look chic and lend a contemporary look to your kitchen.

5. Sink and Corners

Sink and Corners

The space above the sink and the corners next to it are ideal spaces to incorporate open shelves. They come handy to store washing material and can double up as draining racks too.

6. Rethink


If budget is a constraint then get innovative – remove your cabinet doors, hinges and all. And lo behold, you have an open shelf ready within minutes. Refurbish with fresh varnish and paint.

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