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Tips on How to Organize Small Kitchen

by Amelia

Having a small kitchen can be a boon or a bane depending on how you organize it. So, if you feel challenged by the size of your kitchen, here are some tips on how to organize the small kitchen.

Maximize your cabinet space

Cabinet space can be maximized by simple add-ons like tiered spice and pan racks, stackable canisters, cabinet door baskets, and under-shelf baskets. These simple accessories make for a neat looking, maintenance-friendly kitchen. To free up cabinet space consider a peg board on the wall for storing utensils.

Tips on How to Organize Small Kitchen

Counter space optimizers

Another major part of your kitchen is the counter space. Small kitchens have limited counter space and need some free space for preparation activities as well. Employ hanging baskets on the counter wall to store ladles and spoons; over-the -sink chopping boards to extend counter space and stackable corner racks to optimize empty corners.

Pantry organizers

Free up your fridge space by storing non-perishables in the pantry. Sleek trolley shelves, wall mounted packet containers, baskets with reusable stickers are just some great ways to optimize your pantry space. They also make maintenance easier by increasing visibility and allowing for grouping of similar items.

Additional accessories

From cabinet doors to pantry walls, employing the right organizer can go a long way in optimizing your refrigerator space as well. The inside of cabinet doors can be lined with magnetic boards to shift the clutter on your fridge to a safe hiding place. Similarly, you may use cork boards to store measuring spoons and small baking tools. Shift your chalk board on to a cabinet and declutter your wall as well.

So, these are some ways to de-clutter and organize your small kitchen. Implement these ideas and see how you save space, time and money.

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