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Bedroom Decorating Ideas Using LED Lights

by Amelia

Decorating bedroom is a matter of personal taste for many homeowners. Lightning is one of the ways of designing your bedroom, to add an element of warmth and intimacy. Nowadays, LED lights are most preferred by many for their energy efficiency. These versatile lights can be easily installed and they help save cost in the long run.There are a number of ways on how you can use LED lights to add sparks to your bedroom. Here are some of the interesting ideas to help you with LED lighting.

LED lights bedroom ideas

Brightening Up

LED lights are a great choice to be used as a light source in the bedroom area. They generate minimal heat compared to other light fixtures and hence are ideal choice to keep the room cool when temperatures soar. Being flexible, LED lights can easily fit around any shape of your ceiling design.

Subdued effect

LED strips can be inset into the ceiling’s Molding design in order to highlight the protruding outlines. This way the bedroom lights up in soft tones of colour.

Indirect Lighting

Using LED strips, it is possible to create a distributed glow that does not originate from a single source. This illuminates the bedroom from all the sides beautifully.

Golden Glow

If you prefer warmth and serenity, you should install LED lamps that cast a golden glow. The warmth of this lighting fixture creates a sunset like scenario right in your modern bedroom.

Focussed lighting

You can make a particular décor item as the focal point in your bedroom with LED lights. A headboard when lined with these strips of light all around becomes a centre point of attraction in the room. For a dazzling effect, you can choose to go with sparkly LED lights. 

Highlighting Bed

You can inset LED lights into the bed frame or place them underneath, to achieve under bed lighting effect. This creates a dim source of light all around the bed, highlighting it in a minimalistic way.

Wall Lighting

Using hidden LED lighting strips, you can accentuate plain walls of bedroom with your favourite colour combinations. This modern lighting design uplifts the style of any simplistic bedroom. This also enables to light up dark corners in the room.

Panel Lighting

LED lights within ceiling panels create a mesmerising three dimensional effect. Bright colours highlight the ceiling design and enhance the visual appeal of the entire room.


You can use LED lights as soft illuminating outlines, highlighting the furniture, paintings, photo frames and other items in your bedroom. This is an interesting way of adding drama and is sure to attract the attention of your guests.

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