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Best Ideas to Design Living Room Windows

by Amelia

Windows in the living room area serve multiple purposes. They light up the indoors, bring in fresh breeze of air, add warmth, act as focal point, bring out the beauty of your carefully selected accent pieces and much more. You may design the windows as per your taste, but you should also be aware of how to choose a particular look to incorporate into your design. Check out this list of ideas for living room windows and see what style best suits your model.

living room window ideas

Majestic Windows

Adding tall windows has an advantage of making the room feel more spacious than it really is. This design is especially suitable for high walls to give the living room a spectacular look. Pairing them with tall curtains further enhances the interior style.

Simple Windows

If you prefer to keep the design simple, then you should go with the basic model which can be seen in most traditional as well as modern homes. To add a dash of beauty, you can choose curtains that are available in multiple designs, fabrics and colours.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

For a fancier outlook, you have the option of full length windows that cover the entire wall from floor to all the way up. The effect is a focal point of attraction, which extends your view beyond the wall. While this type of window design is sure to improve the style factor, you should consider transparency and the amount of sunlight that comes with it. A window film helps block some of the heat and view from the outside world.

Sliding-Door Windows

Windows with sliding doors are currently popular with most urban home designers. These are easy to use and are highly appealing to the eyes. They are best suited for smaller living rooms.

Double Hung windows

These windows are the most common type as they provide good air ventilation facility. They come with two different window panes which can be opened and their maintenance is also easy.

Casement Windows

Some designers choose to install casement windows in the living rooms for their design and flexibility. They operate on hinges that enable them to open outwardsand provide ventilation control.

Bay Windows

A bay window combines two or three different types of windows in its frame design. The middle pane is usually fixed glass and the sides are casement or double hung types. Bay windows are particularly chosen to amplify the look of your house from the outside. On the other hand, this type of combination leaves space in the middle pane forming a perfect seat, where you can place centre pieces or sit and enjoy the outdoor view.You should note that this design takes up larger wall space.

Geometric Designs

If you like to take things up a notch by adding some drama to your living room, consider customising the windows to any shape of your liking. You can design them as circles, squares, triangles and other geometric forms. They are combined with other window types to create the desired visual effect.

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