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Pretty Interesting Coffee Table Décor Tips

by Amelia

We usually spend a lot of our time in the living room watching TV, sipping coffee, chatting with friends and family, entertaining guests and sometimes just chilling about. A coffee table comes in play in all these cases and has to be set just right, so that it is not only functional but also serves as a centrepiece in the room. Here is how I like to decorate my coffee table at home.

Greenery and other Natural Elements

A live plant in a fancy planter works best to add an element of freshness in the entire room. Make sure it is not too big for the table. I personally love to place succulents, as they are sure to attract attention with their colourful hues and amazing look. You can go for other natural elements of your choice such as an assorted tray of coral, pebbles and sea shells or pine cones thrown into a bowl.

Coffee Table Décor Tips

Flowers and Candles

What better way to add a touch of romance than flowers and candles? You have a variety of choice to choose from different models, colors and shapes of candles. Place your pick in a trendy or a classic candleholder for a dramatic effect. Fresh flowers preferably in a transparent vase add to the charm. I love using metallic candle lanterns, as they appear elegant and artistic. I recommend using closed candle holders, when you are pairing them with flowers to be on the safe side.

Coffee Table Décor Tips

Books and Book Toppers

Another favourite choice of mine to go on the coffee table is books. The design of the covers adds an interesting look and you can arrange them in a zigzag manner to create a funky pattern. Although there’s always a book I’m currently reading, I like to place books on different topics such as travel, housekeeping and glam magazines, so that guests can pick one for themselves. You can also use small book toppers such as feathers, flowers lying down, geometric shapes, favourite ornaments and other pretty things to accentuate the overall appeal.

Coffee Table Décor Tips

Crafts and Collections

Coffee table also works best for showcasing your exquisite collections and art pieces. If you are a creative person, then proudly show off your work such as crocheted coasters, paper flowers, origami, pen holders and other decorative items on the coffee table.

Coffee Table Décor Tips

Trays and Baskets

Placing a small tray or basket on the table, helps keep all the knick knacks organized in one place. It makes it easier to gather everything into the tray, when you clear the table for setting up a board game or for laying food. Trays and baskets add an element of contrast to the table. I love using wicker baskets or woven trays as they create an interesting pattern and serve as accent pieces for coffee table. 

Coffee Table Décor Tips

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