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Creative Ideas to Design Living Room Ceilings

by Amelia

When you put so much effort in decorating your interiors, keeping every nook and corner in mind, then why should ceiling be left out? Let your personality reflect onto the ceilings by turning them from lacklustre to stunning focal points. Even with ceiling designing, you have an array of choices, including material types, colours and other visual effects. Here’s how you can style your living room ceiling, keeping the room size and outlook of your house in mind.

Living Room Ceilings

Dropped Beam

A false ceiling is a popular choice which offers many design options.This is best suited for rooms with high ceilings. A drop ceiling adds depth and a bit of drama to your living room. With T Bar beams, your living room feels comfy and intimate rather than too high and loud. You can even choose to add an exquisite chandelier to compliment the look. Adding subtle lighting to your suspended ceiling gives a snazzy look to the room.


A skylight ceiling is guaranteed to create an impact on your visitors. This type of design is energy efficient and is the best alternative when you have no windows in the living room or faced with privacy issues. With skylight, you can not only illuminate your room naturally, but also make an architectural statement.


You can easily turn your drab ceiling into an attractive space by adding panels. A white panel has a cozy effect and goes well with most types of architectural designs.Wooden panels add an elegant look to your living room, highlighting the furnishings. You can even add small pendant lights from the panels to give it a luxurious touch.


You can choose to experiment with different patterns to create a distinctive look. A wallpaper definitely adds a visual delight to your ceiling, but also ensure that it blends with the walls in your living room. Painting may be an old idea, but try extending wall painting on one segment of the wall to the ceiling. This difference in colour pattern gives it a dimensional appearance.


The effect of tiles on walls is undoubtedly spectacular and so is the same on ceilings. You can choose from various colours and patterns to create a cool look. Tiles add texture to the living room ceilings.

Crown Molding

The age old, much admired design to give your ceiling a royal touch, is crown molding. It helps in highlighting fine details, thereby adding value to your house. You can choose to keep it over the top or subtle, according to your preferences.

Coffered Ceiling

With this type of ceiling design, you can add an element of sophisticated beauty to your living room. Coffered ceiling adds depth and uplifts the overall structural aesthetic of your house. You have the choice of different colours and materials to use in this type of design.


You may feel wainscoting as basically traditional, but it adds a fresh, contemporary look to your space. It pairs really well with rich coloured furniture and dark hues to create a sophisticated look.

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