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Top Tips on How to Pick Curtains for Living Room

by Amelia

Decorating your living room is not a quick chore, nor is picking the right curtains for it. When choosing curtains for your living room, coordinating function and style takes the scrutiny. Here are 4 tips that will guide you on how to pick curtains for living room:

Let there be light

When choosing drapes for common and large spaces like a living room, it is best to go with sheer fabric. Sheer allows natural sunlight into the room without much effort. That said, you may add thicker drapes in the first line that can be used during cold weather and when additional privacy is desired. Also, pastel shades work best if you want your living room to be vibrant and well-lit.

Choice of fabric

Free-flowing materials are usually the choice of fabric for living rooms. Such materials make the living room appear spacious. Synthetic fabrics are preferable as they are known to attract less dust and are easy to wash. Velvet and wool are classy but high on maintenance, and very often do not match well with the décor elements of urban chic living rooms.

Color, color what color

In pursuit of perfect curtains for your living room, you may be lured into buying dark and bright colors. The first step to choosing that perfect color is to determine if you like your curtains to pop-out or blend with the décor. To blend, go with shades in the same tone as that of the wall flanking the windows. To pop-out and make a statement choose contrasting colors. However, remember that when sun’s rays pass through them, they infuse the room with this color. So be wary of blues for their eeriness, while pinks are sunny and cheery.

Length and breadth

When measuring the height of the curtain remember to include the rod and factor in the rings as well.  Width of the curtain should be three times that of the window to give a fuller look. If you want to give a tailored look then twice the width is good enough. You may also choose the length to either brush the floor or the window sill. Short means the length is just at the window sill, while full length means touching the floor below. Anything midway will ruin the look of the curtain, window and the entire décor as well.

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